Dear Frends......à Audincourt

For me is an outlet
Trough shape and colour I try to express am emotion, an impression or an inscription. Painting for me, is a battle !
O ART, when war is sport and painting is war !
Work or the humain body is essential in my art-

The line, respects a plan and followstime,
It is forgetting the plan and escaping the plan .
It is reither the line nor the javelot
It is not a bar nor a rung, nor a dosed form...
It is not description, but rather inscription
The inscription of the wing of the wind slicing through the sky
Drunk, free, the line advances alone-

For me it is right to compose,
to construct with a theme in mind
I learn a great deal from objects and images. Translation .

I live and work on Audincourt (Est FRANCE)

Don't hesitate to write your impressions on the " book of visitors"
Thank You




born November 9, 1967 in Metz


Bonjour à toutes et tous, bonne visite ....hello to everyone, enjoy your visit...hallo an alle, genießen Sie Ihren Besuch...مرحبا للجميع، والتمتع زيارتك... ciao a tutti, godetevi la vostra visita...hola a todo el mundo, disfrute de su visita...שלום לכולם, ליהנות הביקור שלך...Привет к всему и всему, хорошему посещению...